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At our institution, the learners can opt to participate in a number of activities in addition to the mandatory curriculum. Academic and non-academic activities are encouraged in order to foster leadership and teamwork as these often provide leverage to get into higher-level educational institutions. Also, according to the studies, extracurricular activities have shown to possess a positive correlation with grades in high school and future achievements.
Learners who participate in these activities have displayed their ability to develop management and teamwork skills. In our school, students have the opportunity to participate in sports, community service, music, art, drama, academic clubs, and peer-mentoring. Those pupils who have positive feelings towards school and are active participants in such activities are more likely to become independent learners.
Beyond Classroom
The variety of activities in our school extends and enriches the learning of our pupils. We run an extensive extracurricular program that encourages them to develop outside of the classroom.
At the beginning of the academic year, the learners from grade II onwards undergo a five-week induction program in which attending three clubs a week including a sporting club (eg hockey or football for the boys and hockey or netball for the girls) and the choir is mandatory.
After their induction, pupils get to choose whether to stay in these clubs or take part in something else. Those pupils who have been chosen to sing in the choir or represent the school in a team-sport are normally expected to attend those club sessions. We have a list of the clubs that are currently available - Hockey, Football, Netball (girls), Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Squash, Bands, Choir, Orchestra, Games and Puzzles, Chess, Debating, Arts, Drama, Spanish, Dance, Leadership, and Life-Skills.
Enrichment Activities Calendar
These enrichment activities are held during school hours or after school. Sometimes, these may also extend into weekends, holidays, and a number of educational trips. Our faculty ensures that learners are engaged and encouraged to participate in these pursuits. As a result, a scheduled activity term calendar is circulated to pupils and parents.
Sports Activities
As part of our special sports scheme, there is a wide range of sporting avenues available for all learners. These clubs include individual and team-sports providing a broad and balanced outlook for pupils of all aptitudes and abilities. These enhance a positive and healthy lifestyle through teamwork and competition.
Performing Arts
Our performing arts club provides opportunities for all with popular music, dance, and drama timetable encouraging the growth of creativity and imagination. There are a number of performances throughout our calendar-year allowing students a chance to showcase their wonderful skills on the annual school day or at inter-school competitions and events.
Leadership Hub
As part of our on-going personality development initiative, we believe in promoting learners’ leadership-skills. This will ensure that they achieve the best they can while they are with us. In collaboration with parents, we have facilitated a wide range of leadership activities across a number of subjects. It is our continuous endeavor to allow pupils to learn
and develop their interpersonal skills in a fun and active way.


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