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Playground plays an important role in the life of students. They can express their emotions and free action in the field without any fear. Freedom of expression is given in the ground. At Guru Nanak Girls Inter College Ratangaj Mirzapur we provide the best facilities to the students to help them shine in all disciplines. We have a football field, volleyball court, badminton court, Netball and kabaddi ground. School playgrounds are those areas where children hone their physical activities and flourish. Good playgrounds are large enough and are designed in such a manner that children’s play and talent can come to full expression, where children at their will can make a mess, jump, run and hide, where they can whistle, shout and explore the details of this beautiful natural world.

A variety of important factors usually determine the quality of a school playground for the young. These include design specifications of the play area, safety-related issues, playing equipment, accessibility of the playground, and adult supervision, which is mandatory. There is a captious need to develop an inclination for outdoor physical activities in our children. School playground activities should not become academic and teacher controlled.


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